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“The last person to see Josh alive was as fictitious a character as Larry himself.”

when we are little kids we pretend that we are someone else or that we have a friend named Bob that see everything the way we do, but when we grow up we seem to lose the ability to “pretend” and we just grow up to be a bunch of stiffs working in a cubicle for some guy that takes a **** on you every chance he gets and he thinks he is better than anyone in the world. i know that this doesnt have much to do with the quote above but it is what i want to say.

In some time in our lives we get board with the same old crap that we need to find a way to reinvent our person and we go along acting like a puppet for what people want to  see when they look at us. In all truth we are “pretending” to be someone were not and i guess even the biggest stiff knows how to pretend or play some thing were not.



  1. yo jonsey whats good

    • whatttttttt uppppppp!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I think we all have multiple identities to some extent. We’re a different person with different groups and situations. We modulate these identities as needed. Part of maturing is having a useful selection of “identities.”

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