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Monthly Archives: February 2010

“The last person to see Josh alive was as fictitious a character as Larry himself.”

when we are little kids we pretend that we are someone else or that we have a friend named Bob that see everything the way we do, but when we grow up we seem to lose the ability to “pretend” and we just grow up to be a bunch of stiffs working in a cubicle for some guy that takes a **** on you every chance he gets and he thinks he is better than anyone in the world. i know that this doesnt have much to do with the quote above but it is what i want to say.

In some time in our lives we get board with the same old crap that we need to find a way to reinvent our person and we go along acting like a puppet for what people want to¬† see when they look at us. In all truth we are “pretending” to be someone were not and i guess even the biggest stiff knows how to pretend or play some thing were not.


“what would be the best way to die hypothetically of course? Drug overdose? street fight?”

so as i nere the end of the book this came up, and it is a great question.would you go down peacfully or go down fighting. i think that i will go down swinging. this rases another question; are you scaered of death, i’am is it going to be like a dream that goes on forever or is it going to be darkness as far as the eye can with no glowing what so ever.

Think about it…………

“Even my connection with Mom was gone. I missyou, Mom, but not enough to join you. Sorry.”

Ok short but sweet. we all have family that we lose, it is a part of life. some people think that sucide is the best way to get rid of there problems but it isnt i have tried… Keep looking up and MAYBE we can live with loss. TO all that read this keep the thought of death out of your mind and life will go by a little easer.

“Larry was now, officially, a product. And you know what happens to products. They get consumed.”

the corp. world makes everything a lable, product, or a money making scheme in some way. if it isnt making money then it isnt worth time or life.i understand why people are addicted to making money, but money is evil. money making is the only thing on the corp. worlds mind and like i said before if it doesnt make money, it isnt worth time or life.

Can we break this addiction like any other addiction?